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Welcome, fellow health enthusiasts,

In these toxic times, I feel it’s imperative to write to promote the raw vegan lifestyle so that families can still thrive, especially in view of shocking statistics, such as the following:  The rate of autism in New Jersey, my home state, has doubled in six years to one in 49 children — and one in 29 boys — an “epidemic increase” in a disorder that has confounded researchers for decades.

My raw vegan family recipe book:

Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families

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I’m a raw vegan author and influencer, delighted with living this lifestyle for three decades,“Walking my talk.”

Karen Ranzi

A simple lifestyle of raw living plant foods can improve your family’s life and yours, as it has done for me:


  • Feel great and experience boundless energy.
  • Establish and maintain ideal weight.
  • Prevent illness.
  • Improve digestion and assimilation.
  • Heal skin issues and improve the texture and feel of your skin.
  • Increase attention, concentration and mental clarity.
  • Improve overall immunity.
  • Decrease the symptoms of autism.
  • Experience a sense of calm, ease and confidence.

Amazing benefits come to us upon returning to Nature’s foods. Not just “raw” foods, but whole, organic, pure foods, the way Nature creates them.

When first embarking on the raw vegan lifestyle in 1994, I ate oils, loads of nuts and avocados beyond my digestive capacity, and foods that didn’t combine well, such as nuts and fruits at the same time. Because of this haphazard lifestyle, I soon experienced health problems. Later in my raw food journey, I tweaked my daily eating to greatly reduce the amount of fats I had been regularly eating and began embracing food combining for increased digestion. Of course, I soon reaped all the benefits of this major lifestyle change.

Why am I so happy with the raw food lifestyle?
What do families tell me about the benefits they’re seeing in their children?

  • I’m thrilled with the constant boundless energy I have from eating raw foods in their purest state.
  • Overjoyed with the clear focus and concentration that eating raw vegan food gives me.
  • Delighted that my skin feels smooth as ivory on the raw vegan lifestyle, especially after 25 years of suffering from severe cystic acne.
  • Joyful that I haven’t been ill since going “raw” in 1994.
  • Pleased that due to the fresh raw organic plant foods I eat abundantly every day, I’ve not experienced any of the typical problems that go along with menopause.
  • Elated that my monthly cycle normalized, every 28 days like clockwork, after eating exclusively fresh raw vegan foods since 1994.
  • Content to be neither too thin nor overweight. Raw foods keep me slim and at my ideal weight. I love wearing the clothes I wore when I was 17.
  • Ecstatic to enjoy the magnificent colors and tastes of abundant varieties of fruits and vegetables.
  • Thrilled that my son, at age three, was able to heal from asthma, chronic ear infections, and multiple food allergies in eleven months after transitioning to a fresh raw vegan diet in 1994.
  • Mothers and fathers tell me their children are happier, calmer, more energetic, and have experienced increased attention spans, improved academics, and overall improved immunity after significantly increasing the amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables they eat. What a family decides to leave out of their daily fare is equally important. Huge progress is observed when processed, packaged and refined foods are eliminated.

Requests for a Simple Raw Vegan Recipe Book with Easy-to-Digest Quick-to-Prepare Recipes Kids and Busy People Will Enjoy Preparing

Raw Food Dishdish2

Readers of my book, Creating Healthy Children, and attendees to my Raw Food Fun for Families workshop have requested recipes. The most frequent request is for a family raw vegan recipe book that makes an easy transition to a healthful raw food lifestyle while at the same time explains which foods are “truly” health enhancing and which are not.

Initially, I felt conflicted over using recipes because the food we eat on a regular basis should be most digestible with no fuss and time taken for preparation. When my children were growing up, we prepared food in very simple, quick ways. We often ate only one food at a time, fruit or vegetable, in a mono meal, or smoothies, green juices, or large salads, limited, at most, to three or four ingredients.

Items to Eliminate from Healthful Daily Eating

Over time, I realized that a simple family recipe book is needed, one which would leave out the typical “non-raw” ingredients seen in most raw food recipe books (e.g. nutritional yeast, maple syrup) and other harmful products that are neither raw nor health promoting (e.g. agave, cacao, nama shoyu) as well as any processed or fractionated products (e.g. oils). Children’s developing bodies do better without processed foods.

My Goal in Writing This Book for Families

My goal in writing this book is to offer you a variety of simple recipes, many of which children can recreate by themselves. Some of these recipes come from my first book, Creating Healthy Children, some recipes are more recent, and some come from raw food chefs, who also appreciate the simplicity and flavor of fresh organic plant foods.

115 Recipes in Many Categories

I hope you and your family will enjoy the abundance of health tips and delicious recipes:

  • Beautiful Green Juices
  • Elegant Green Smoothies
  • Grain-free Cereals and Puddings
  • Sauces, Dips and Dressings
  • Simple Appetizers and Raw Finger Food
  • Flavorful Raw Soups
  • Delicious Main Dishes and Salads
  • Party Food and Special Treats

Gripping Articles that Provide the Best Tips for Healthy Living

The following articles, which complement the recipes, provide the essential messages families need to know:

  • The Benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle for Families
  • The Raw Food Lifestyle Can Be Hazardous if Not Lived Simply
  • Fast Food Advertising
  • Nine Tips to Get Children to Eat Healthfully
  • Equipment for the Raw Food Lifestyle Kitchen
  • Tips for Getting Kids to Love Their Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Changing Cooked Processed Pasta to Fresh Food Pasta
  • Tips for Relaxing during the Holidays
  • The Parent Detoxification Plan
  • Everything You Need to Know about Nuts.

Colorful Photos of Recipes

I often miss the bright, colorful photos of beautiful fruits and vegetables and raw food recipes in books that contain no photos. Families have requested that I include colorful photos of fruits and vegetables, and recipe pictures, and I have delivered those as well.

Physical Copy: $22.99


eBook (Digital Download): $17.99


What People Are Saying about Karen Ranzi’s
Work in Raw Food Nutrition

“Karen Ranzi presents raw-food philosophy and practice in a way that’s clear, practical, and usable for the aspiring Vegan Lifestyle Coaches training at Main Street Vegan Academy. Her references are solid, her anecdotes enchanting, and the reviews my students give her classes are invariably outstanding.”— Victoria Moran, Director, Main Street Vegan Academy

“I interned with Karen Ranzi in the spring of 2013. Going into the internship, I had a deep interest in nutrition and was eager to learn about the raw vegan lifestyle. Little did I know, this experience would change my life. Within the first two weeks of working with Karen, I added much more fruits and vegetables to my diet and slowly began to get rid of processed foods. I began to feel much better – I had so much more energy during the day, and for the first time in years, I was able to sleep soundly through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Karen made sure that the work and research I did throughout my internship was on subjects that interested me, and because of this, I was able to learn a great deal about the raw vegan lifestyle. Not only did this internship teach me about marketing and branding, it also taught me how to live a healthier life. I am happy to report that I continue to follow a vegan lifestyle, and I feel better and more in-shape than ever. I look forward to trying new fruits, vegetables and vegan recipes as time goes on, and I plan to continue to keep in touch with Karen and attend her events and workshops.”— Kelsey Higgins, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Class of 2013

Dear Karen,
Thank you for the time that you spent speaking to our students on the topic of “Super Healthy Children.” It was apparent from our students’ comments and reviews that they greatly enjoyed your presentation. We are all impressed by the work that you are doing on behalf of spreading the word about health and children. Please continue your good work with our blessings.
Thank you for both your commitment to the better health and well being of others and for the time that you spent with our students.
Sincere Regards,
Alea M. Deeter, M.A., ED.S. Health Educator, Director of Hippocrates Health Educator Program Hippocrates Health Institute, 1443 Palmdale Court, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

Dear Ms. Ranzi:
Having attended your program on “Creating Healthy Children” in the Wandell School’s library on Tuesday, February 7th, I would be remiss in not sending you a letter of appreciation. I found your parent presentation timely, insightful, and informative. Your efforts to bring important health and nutrition information to parents are greatly appreciated by our Wandell School family. Changing the culture of how we eat, what we eat, and their lasting health benefits is a courageous effort that is long overdue. Hopefully, through the efforts of individuals like you, we can change the eating habits of children and provide a strong foundation of healthy living for future generations.
Thank you.
Dr. David Goldblatt
Superintendent, Saddle River Schools

In response to the ad on “Weekend Spotlight: How to Raise ‘Super Healthy Children’” with author, Karen Ranzi, at Gurney’s Inn Resort & Spa in Montauk, New York, as seen in the East Hampton Patch News, Dr. Gerry Curatola comments:

“I highly recommend Karen Ranzi’s book and this lecture to all parents, many of whom are in the dark about healthy nutrition and parenting. The statistics on the health of children in the United States is frightening. We have the first generation of children in this country that will not outlive their parents, and childhood obesity and correlating diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are being observed at younger ages never seen before. The result has been to bring many of these children into dependency on a host of pharmaceutical products and a myriad of debilitating psychosocial problems from ADHD to depression. Karen’s wealth of knowledge in nutrition and wellness, combined with fostering children’s individual creative spiritual being is a great contribution to all parenting.”

— Brian Axelrod
It is people driven like you who change the unhealthy lives many people in this country are living. You motivate me to become one more voice to spread the truth in achieving optimum health through live foods and exercise.

Health Enthusiast Dawny
“Keep being the light for the next generation of kids.”

Danielle Rose
Hi Karen,
I’m so lucky to have met you at the Fruit Festival! I look forward to seeing you again in the future. You’ve really inspired me. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me already in such a short amount of time!
With love,

Pamela Rich, Holistic Health Practitioner
“You are without question a light to many you meet, and amazingly passionate!!! Keep up all the wonderful work and inspiring and educating others… Namaste”

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This book will show you how to eat raw plant foods correctly, following current research of what works and what doesn’t – The best food and simple recipes for the entire family!

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To Your Health and Delicious Meals!

With Love and Light,

Karen Ranzi, M.A.

Physical Copy: $22.99


eBook (Digital Download): $17.99


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