Join Karen and Marco Ranzi and Maria Corona Along with Health Seekers for a Week Full of Exhilarating Fun, Awesome Raw Food and Adventure

February 18 to February 25, 2023/March 18 to 25, 2023

50% Down Payment and the Rest Paid 60 Days Before the Trip!








Karen, Marco and Maria invite you to join them for a life-changing, unforgettable health and healing week at the Love Raw Food & Yoga Retreat at Casa Nautika in Dominicalito, Costa Rica from February 18th to 25th, 2023 or March 18th to 25th, 2023. No matter where you are in your health journey, the personal and spiritual connection, the incredible raw food experience and Nature retreat to nourish and support is for you!

Contact Karen Ranzi at or call 201-934-6778 to set up a time to discuss the details and your questions for this amazing Love Raw Food and Yoga Retreat in Paradise.




Guided Eco-Adventures

You will:

  • Explore breathtaking waterfalls
  • Play on beautiful beaches
  • Tour awesome organic farmers markets
  • Bathe and drink from pristine springs
  • Hike and observe wild monkeys, toucans and other exotic creatures
  • Experience life and Nature in these cool eco-adventures!








Karen is a noted Health and Nutrition Coach since 1998, Award-Winning Author of raw food books and Director of the Vegan Certification Course. Marco has a degree in Holistic Nutrition and Human Performance and is a Personal Trainer, Permaculture Farmer and co-owner of El Santuario de la Salud in Costa Rica. Maria is a top Vegan and Raw Food Chef, Detoxification Specialist, Permaculture Farmer and co-owner of El Santuario de la Salud in Costa Rica.

Karen, Marco and Maria are ready to offer you the week of your life! Get healthy, enjoy supportive community and coaching, let your eyes open to the beauty of the paradise of  Costa Rica. Capture the lush surroundings, savor the delicious raw food cuisine with Maria’s excellent raw food cuisine, and move to the Latin rhythms. The pristine beaches, magnificent waterfalls, local farmers market, flowing yoga, sound healing ceremony, raw food education and raw food demos will ignite your life and keep you living vibrantly!


Your Retreat Center Host at Casa Nautika

Jonathan will be here to assist guests, support your health journey, arrange extra services (such as massage) and make your visit exemplary.

Hola! Jonathan here! I’m super excited to welcome you to Casa Nautika!

Casa Nautika is a high-vibration retreat space designed to promote relaxation, personal alignment, and a sense of connection and well-being – a space is filled with light and love, adorned with sacred objects and original art, and inclusive of all modern amenities to ensure the ultimate comfort of each guest.

I love introducing visitors to my favorite place in the world…sharing the beaches, the waterfalls, the adventure activities, the talented healers, the food, and more.

Most of all, I love to witness people come to Casa Nautika, settle in, begin to de-stress and actually relax, attune to the natural beauty of the area, and create the changes they want in their lives.

I look forward to hosting you at Casa Nautika and helping make your own Costa Rican dream a reality.

Pura Vida,


Contact Karen Ranzi at to set up a time to talk about this amazing Love Raw Food and Yoga Retreat in Paradise.

Join Karen, Gabriela and Marco Ranzi Along with Health Seekers for a Week Full of Exhilarating Fun, Awesome Raw Food and Adventure

February 6 to February 13, 2022:

50% Down Payment and the Rest Is Paid 60 Days Before the Trip! (During this time period there will be a full refund if the retreat does not happen.)

karen outside with black dress #3

Karen Ranzi

Karen, Gabriela and Marco Ranzi invite you to join them for a life-changing, unforgettable health and healing experience at the Love Raw Food & Yoga Retreat at Finca de Vida (Farm of Life) in Costa Rica from February 6 to 13, 2022. Whether you are a novice at living a healthy lifestyle or have been living one for years, this retreat is definitely for you!


Gabriela Ranzi

Karen, Gabriela and Marco are dynamic presenters, health and healing coaches, and educators who have helped thousands for the past 20 years to take their health to the next level. This exciting event will give you the ideal opportunity to surround yourself with other health-conscious individuals along with nature’s food and lush surroundings to nurture your physical body and spirit.


Imagine being in paradise with this all-inclusive package deal. Have amazing fun! Gain the health you want at all ages! Transform your life!

A colorful salad served at the Love Raw Food retreat    A small white-faced monkey clutches a tree branch 

Private Guided Tours and Eco-Adventures

You will:

  • Explore breathtaking waterfalls
  • Play on beautiful beaches
  • Tour awesome organic farms, including tasting wild fruits, flowers, plants and other natural delights
  • Bathe and drink from pristine springs
  • Hike and observe wild monkeys, toucans and other exotic creatures in the jungle terrain
  • Experience many other cool eco-adventures!

Health-Empowering Classes

You will leave the retreat inspired and motivated to take the very best care of your health after raw food and spiritual coaching with Karen Ranzi. This coaching will include increasing your health on all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

You will experience a fun and relaxed learning atmosphere! There will be new health and healing concepts presented from Karen’s research and experiences along with Gabriela’s and Marco’s combined wealth of experience .

Focused Yoga and Qi Gong

You will join others in group yoga or Qi Gong sessions that will be aimed at improving movement, restoring flexibility and posture, and toning muscle. These sessions will not only help you feel much better, they will also help to prepare you for the eco-adventures and other fun activities you may choose to participate in.


Amazing Raw and Living Foods

We will eat the most delicious food you can imagine! Supremely tasty and nutritious whole, natural, vegan, raw and living foods will be served to you daily by our master chefs and kitchen staff. Your palate will be tantalized as you indulge in healthy meals that nourish every part of your being. You don’t have to be a 100 percent raw foodist to attend this event to be happy. Please let us know how we may fulfill any special dietary needs.

Diced rollinia and papaya served at the Love Raw Food retreat

Fun, Laughter and Entertainment

Dancing; practicing yoga; chanting and singing; learning about healing the Chakras with Brian; crystal sound bowls; creating music; watching movies; playing games; taking time to relax, reflect and meditate; and sharing your thoughts and feelings as desired are just some of the enriching and fun ways that will help you and others enjoy your stay.


Your Retreat Facilitators

The Love Raw Food & Yoga Retreat is created by Karen Ranzi, M.A. Karen is an award-winning author, internationally renowned lecturer, plant-based and raw food consultant and raw food chef. Karen travels throughout the United States and abroad delivering her impassioned message about health and wellness through raw living plant foods. She has presented for universities, schools, health institutes, expos, associations, organizations and festivals. For the past 22 years, Karen has helped thousands of individuals and families to reach their health potential.

Karen is author of the groundbreaking books Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families as well as Fun Raw Food Finger Foods. Karen was presented the Peer-to-Peer Award for Service to Children’s Health and the Best of Raw Award for Top Professional Simple Raw Food Chef at the Raw Living Expo in California.

Gabriela Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 12.49.04 PM

Gabriela Ranzi

She won the Bronze Medal “Living Now Award” in the category of Health and Nutrition from Independent Publishers for Creating Healthy Children. Karen was able to heal her son from asthma, chronic ear infections and multiple food allergies in 1994 while also healing herself from decades of cystic acne and digestion problems through a raw food lifestyle.

Karen is so excited to co-lead the retreat with her daughter, Gabriela Ranzi, who was raised on a vegan lifestyle from birth and then a raw vegan lifestyle from age 5 along with her brother. Gabriela graduated from Clark University with a degree in Global Environmental Studies. She is the manager of Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango, Colorado, a nonprofit environmental organization focused on a mission of celebrating the connection between personal health and wild lands. Gabriela grows, harvests and prepares local, wild and living food for the community, educating about the values of the wild edible abundance and providing local microgreens for public schools and farmers’ markets. Gabriela also co-owns a Kombucha business, Solavita, in Durango, Colorado.

Karen is so excited to co-lead the retreat with her son, Marco Ranzi, who was raised on a vegan lifestyle from birth and then a raw vegan lifestyle from age 3 along with his sister. Marco has been involved with sports and athletics since a young child, always loving the games of soccer, tennis and football. Later during his homeschool years he interned for Madison Square Garden, working for the NY Knicks and Rangers, WFAN, Channel 12 News, and Seton Hall University Basketball. Marco graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Sports Journalism and Business minor. He broadcast Penn State Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball and Football, also traveling to Indiana to broadcast the Penn State/Perdue University Football Game. Marco is the sports coordinator at the annual Woodstock Fruit Festival since 2015. Marco hiked the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail from April to October 2017 from Georgia all the way to Maine. Marco has studied Vegan Sports Nutrition mentoring with Dr. Douglas Graham and sports luminaries, and is a Sports Performance and Nutrition Coach with a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition from Logan University.

Your Retreat Hosts

Jody and Brian Calvi

Our hosts, husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, are health enthusiasts with giant hearts. Their respective histories with disease and long fights for recovery inspired them to open Farm of Life. They are grateful for the healing journey they’ve experienced and feel their higher purpose is to give back to others in need. Brian and Jody are here to assist guests, support your healing journey, arrange tours and services and make your visit exemplary. Brian’s farm tours and personality are a highlight for many on the Farm. Learn more about The Farm of Life at

Testimonials: What Others Are Saying about Karen Ranzi and Her Love Raw Food & Yoga Costa Rica Retreat

I have a success story! The week before starting 100% raw vegan foods I was taking up to four 800 mg of ibuprofen a day for chronic back pain. After one week of raw foods the pain had diminished by 80 to 90%. I haven’t taken an ibuprofen in 6 days! I’m also sleeping better, and packed away the sleep aids I had brought, no longer needing them. The tums sat by my bedside the whole time I was on the Retreat. Usually I take one nightly; I never needed one! I’m grateful.

Gayle Gura

I am so happy I came to Karen’s Love Raw Food and Yoga Retreat. It was very supportive to be around people who are eating raw foods as I do. I learned more about eating greens, herbs, a life with more snuggling, more yoga, and fun hiking to beautiful waterfalls.

Robbie Ellis

Living in Colorado, I learned that I need to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and start hiking again. Also, Karen has been inspirational in her very calm and encouraging way. She has laid the ground work and tools to go forward and change my life. Karen has a wealth of information that she is more than willing to share and educate on the rewards of a raw food diet and what you can gain in your life for optimal health and spiritual connection.

Adrienne Singleton


Thank you for convincing my family to go on this Love Raw Food and Yoga Retreat. I am grateful for the way I feel now that I have eaten a raw food diet for a week. Thank you!

–Madeleine Daley, age 18


The trip to Finca de Vida taught me that a raw vegan diet is not the only component of a healthy lifestyle. I needed the sunshine, daily yoga, meditation, and hikes to waterfalls to really feel healthy. I brought this understanding home. I now engage in regular exercise and get outdoors as much as possible. This trip changed my life!

Lauren Cellini

Dear Karen,

I’m so happy the Universe brought us together here in Costa Rica and in life! You are an inspiring presence in my life. I look forward to many more retreats and get-togethers with you.

–Love Grace

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for showing me this beautiful place. I had such a great time here with you. You are truly such a kind and giving person and I am so happy that I met you.

–Love Hillarie Daley


What a great trip! Thanks for all of your hard work to organize and run the retreat. It was nice to see you again!

–Rick Williams

I came on Karen Ranzi’s Raw Food Retreat at the Farm of Life. It was amazing! Just amazing! Adventurous, full of nature, pushing through limits … emotional limits, physical limits, spiritual limits. Every moment was filled with something adventurous, exciting. Karen attracted, manifested a great group of people. Farm of Life is an amazing place, and Karen is an amazing woman with a lot of knowledge beyond knowledge of the raw food diet and an exceptional teacher and exceptional speaker. I learned so much from her, and she’s very kind and caring, and I’m so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you … . And check it out!
—Jessica Silva

Woman-standing-by-waterfallI loved the Love Raw Food & Yoga Costa Rica Retreat! We hiked every day, swimming in waterfalls, eating delicious food. I had a blast! I had a terrible rash on my hands for several months. It went away and then it came back. In just a few days at the retreat, it completely healed just by eating raw foods, swimming at the beach and being out in the sun.
—Sonia Mohabir

The Love Raw Food & Yoga Retreat was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. The best food among other people who enjoy taking yoga classes, hiking to the waterfalls, going to the beach. The weather is incredible, and we escaped the winter of the Northeast. Karen’s coaching classes were incredible. I learned so much and met beautiful people on this trip. It was just an incredible experience, and I loved every minute of it. I’m so glad I actually came with you, Karen! Thank you! I would come back again.
—Ronda Lutfey

This raw food retreat was amazing! Three-quarters of the things that we did here I didn’t expect. Karen worked so hard, and this retreat is reinforcing my healthier lifestyle.

Hacienda Baru in Costa Rica

I can’t even say it’s a dream come true because I couldn’t have dreamt such an amazing amazing experience. I really think it surpassed all my expectations. The food was amazing—all the tropical fruit. The mountains, so serene and beautiful. The hikes, the Diamante waterfall. Everything you put into the trip … the food and the yoga … . And I got so much inspiration because my profession is design, and I design swimwear for boys and girls. I use tropical flowers in my designs. I must have taken 200 pictures of flowers in Costa Rica. You worked so hard, Karen, but it was very worthwhile. I’m going to increase the amount of raw food I eat at home, and I know now how good it is for me.

Take a look at your gorgeous accommodations at this amazing raw food retreat center in Costa Rica! Check out the beauty and scenery you’ll experience!

Farm of Life in Costa Rica


Natural, cabin-style housing, which can accommodate up to four people per cabin, is available. Single beds, double beds, and bunk-style bedding may be an option. There is running water (hot and cold), showers, electricity and flushing toilets. There is a common area that has full kitchen facilities as well. Reservations of cabins are on a first-come basis.

Pricing includes accommodations for seven nights and six full days, including a welcome dinner and goodbye breakfast. Each day, three meals of whole, natural, vegetarian raw and living foods as well as snacks will be provided. Again, you don’t have to be 100 percent raw foodist to attend this event. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Hawk's Nest at Farm of Life

Air travel is not included in the price, but travel to and from the airport to the retreat site will be provided. Prices do include any Costa Rican sales tax that may be applicable.

Note: All retreat participants will have to pay a departure tax of $28 USD at the airport in Costa Rica before returning to the United States.

Our Luxurious Accommodations:

Coconut and Monkey House (Casa Coco y Casa Mono)

Finca-de-Vida-outdoors    Farm-of-Life-Coco-Mono-2

Gorgeous accommodations with fantastic views of the mountains and Pacific coast for 2-4 guests
Large accommodation with 2 queen beds and walk-in closet
Beautiful private bath and wonderful outdoor shower set in stone
Balcony surrounding cabin with hammocks and rocking chairs to enjoy sunsets
$2,200 each for 2 guests
$1960 each for 3 guests
$1,860 each for 4 guests


cabin-orchard-1    cabin-orchard-3

Built of a stunning Costa Rican wood with purple heart and cedar
Beautiful French doors and a terrace completely surrounding it with amazing views
2 Twin beds or 1 King bed
Near the food hall
Private spacious outdoor bath in stone attached to this magnificent accommodation
$2,600 for 1 guest
$2,000 each for 2 guests

Butterfly Suite

butterfly-2    butterfly-1

Adorable private cabin for 1-2 guests
1 Queen bed for a single or couple
Private indoor tiled bathroom
Balcony with hammock and rocking chairs with stunning views
Near the food hall
$2,500 for 1 guest
$2,000 each for 2 guests with shared bed

Toucan & Macaw

toucan-macaw-1    toucan-macaw-2     toucan-macaw-4

Bunk rooms which can accommodate up to 4 guests in each
2 sets of bunks in each cabin
Indoor tiled bathrooms
Terrace with hammock and rocking chairs so you can enjoy amazing views
Near the food hall
$1,895 each for 2 guests
$1,830 each for 3 guests
$1,780 each for 4 guests

Reservations & Cancellation Policy

Space is limited to 20 participants per retreat. Room reservations are on a first-come basis. A 50 percent deposit fee will be charged upon receipt of your registration, and the remainder is due by 60 days before the retreat begins. If you cancel yet your spot is filled, then you will be charged only a $75 administrative fee. (Note: Your spot is considered filled once all spots are filled and there is a waiting list. Or you can personally fill your spot by sending a replacement participant on your behalf.) If you cancel yet your spot is not filled, then you will lose your entire payment unless you choose to apply this payment toward the following year’s retreat tuition. (During Covid, a 100% refund will be given if the retreat is cancelled or the country where you are visiting from is giving restrictions at that time.)

If the retreats are canceled by the retreat host or facilitators, all participants will receive a full refund. However, any travel expenses will not be reimbursed.


All activities are optional, but are included in the price of the retreat. Some activities may be physically strenuous. It is the responsibility of each participant to use good judgment as to which activities they can safely participate in. Neither “Farm of Life” nor Karen, Gabriela or Marco Ranzi are liable should you injure yourself while attending this retreat. You will need to sign a liability waiver prior to attending the retreat. The event hosts and facilitators are not responsible for any travel delays or inconveniences either. Please let us know if you have any type of allergies. Our rooms are not currently handicap accessible. Finca de Vida is working on it.

Reservations Are Made by Contacting Karen Ranzi

Email: or

Phone: 201–934–6778

Your Opportunity for  4 Additional Days at 
Amy’s Tropical Lodge and Sanctuary

We will share Amy’s beautiful land and home during this exotic 4 night visit to her Sanctuary. We will spend our time in Nature and prepare our own meals, connecting deeply to the rainforest, the animals and ourselves. Choice of accommodations are below:

Casa Bosque Master Room
Private room with Queen bed and outside deck with amazing view
Near the bathroom
(shared with Suite Bunk Room)
1st floor
$1,100 for 1 guest
$1,000 each for 2 guests

Casa Bosque Bunk Room
Curtain divider gives privacy
Bunk beds and large counter space
Access to spacious deck with amazing view
Bathroom shared with Master Room
1st floor
$1,000 for 1 guest
$950 each for 2 guests

Casa Grande Master Room
Beautiful screened-in room with Queen bed and shelves
Near the bathroom
(shared with Paradise Nook
and Hardwood Lounge Bed)
2nd floor
$1,100 for 1 guest
$1,000 each for 2 guests

Paradise Nook
Open and spacious with fantastic views
Retractable roof for beautiful sunsets
Wooden bench swing
2nd floor
$1050 for one person
$950 each for two people
on single beds

Hardwood Lounge Bed
Open and affording amazing views
2nd floor
$1000 for one person

Amy’s original home, The Rancho!
Single beds surrounding the Rancho
Bug net for each bed (though not needed the time of year we are there)
Surrounded by stunning views: trees, mountains, Amy’s gardens and more
Bathroom only a few feet away
Storage room next door for belongings
$875 each for up to 3 people.



We recommend flying direct to San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, if possible, to avoid any potential travel delays or problems.

Important—Please Read Below!
The retreat starts on February 6th, so you will need to arrive in Costa Rica by February 5th. The retreat shuttle will pick everyone up at our designated guesthouse in San Jose about 7 a.m. February 6th and bring you all to your first adventure. On the last day of the retreat, which is February 13th, the retreat shuttle will bring you back to the airport early that morning so that you can make an afternoon flight from 2 p.m. onward on the 13th. Or if you choose to stay in Costa Rica longer, you can get a taxi at the airport. To give yourself enough time to get to the airport, I would recommend booking return flights home at 2 pm or later if leaving on February 13th.

If not using the complimentary transportation that will be provided during the specific scheduled window of time we have arranged, you will be responsible (including expenses) for getting yourself to and from the retreat location. Options include: taxis, shuttles, buses or rental cars.

What to Bring

You will be sent an email with a detailed list of things to bring with you. If you don’t live in Costa Rica, you will need a passport. Please visit for more traveler information and to view pictures of the retreat location.

Please Email Us Your Questions

Questions for Karen should be sent to Karen at

We look forward to a week of inspiration, rejuvenation, playfulness, education, healing, daily adventures and mindfulness.

Wishing you vibrant health and happiness,

Karen Ranzi

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  1. Sumit says:
    We are certainly interested. Me, my wife and my 5 year old son. Would it be full price for my son ? Could we get discount for my son ? thanks.
    • karen says:
      I’m excited to hear you’re interested. I’m going to speak to the owners of Finca de Vida to see how it will work for your 5 year old.
  2. With kids in mind, would there be a price difference for a thirteen-year-old and an eleven-year-old?
    • karen says:
      Hi Gabrielle, Children over age three are full price as they have their own bed and most often eat a lot of the food. They will have a fabulous time. There is a family of four coming with a mom and her three teenage daughters. It would be great to have you with us! You can email me directly at
  3. Karen Blanchard says:
    Hi Karen,

    Remember me? I lived in NJ in 2016, and attended a few of your classes. I now live in FL. I am still interested in your 2017 Retreat (remember, I was willing to go in 2016).

    My number is the same. How do I sign up?

  4. Sarits says:
    When is your 2018 retreat?

    Thank you

  5. DeAsia says:
    I want to come and bring my sister with me, but she has a one year old son. Does it cost for him too? If so, how much?
    • karen says:
      There is no charge for children under three years old. If you want to come to Costa Rica with us this February I would need to talk with you soon as the retreat is very close to being full. Please contact me at 201-934-6778 and if I’m not available you can leave your name, number and email. Excited to hear you’d like to join us!
  6. arosha says:
    is it still possible to join the retreat ?
  7. arosha says:
    hi , i tried to call you cause i had couple q.


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