Family Friendly Raw Vegan Food & Smoothie Recipes

BAT Cereal (Banana, Apple and Tahini)No Bean Hummos Zucchini Linguini with Alfredo SauceBanana Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce

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  1. claudia says:
    I loved it!!!!!!!
  2. shirley says:
    My birthday Jan. 4th.can’t wait to try the recipes.
    • karen says:
      I think you’ll find the recipes quick, easy and well combined for proper digestion. Thank you for your comment!
  3. Taris says:
    I love this recipe. Looking forward to watching my 4year granddaughters make it. Thanks again
    • karen says:
      So glad you like the recipe. All my recipes are quick, easy and kids can recreate them. My new book,
      Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, has over 100 simple recipes for daily family living. It will be
      out soon. Have fun with your granddaughters!
  4. Layna says:
    I can’t wait to eat the romaine burritos tonight! Yum! Also looking forward to your new family recipe book!! Thanks!
  5. Noah Barnard says:
    I love these recipes! Are there recipes like these in your book?
    • karen says:
      There will be 115 easy and healthy recipes with truly fresh raw ingredients in my new book Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families. The book is complete and the ebook will be up
      on the site this week. The paperback version will be available this coming month, January 2014. If you’d like to get pre-sale prices, you can email me at and I’ll be happy to send you the pre-sale flyer. Wishing you and your family a bright and happy year ahead for 2014!
  6. Myra Thomas says:
    I am alergic to tree nuts. What can I substitute them for?
  7. sandi humphrey says:
    Karen, thank you so much for all you do with Information and recipes! I have a daughter who is running out of breast milk for her infant. She is using all the stuff they say helps but no luck! She still.pumps to try and make more and keep going but now she is just making a couple ounces a day. Her baby is just 4 months old. What is the best liquid to give an infant when there is no human milk available. Confused. 🙁 thank you again for all you do. Sandi
    • karen says:
      Is your daughter eating fenugreek sprouts? They are helpful for increasing breast milk. What is her diet? A water-rich raw vegan diet is the answer for so many mothers who are experiencing breast milk supply problems. Mother’s milk is best for infants. Formulas are loaded with chemicals and toxins. I would like to know more about what your daughter is eating. Please email me at Before trying to figure out another form of milk, let’s see if we can help her increase her own breast milk supply.
  8. Mechelle says:
    Hello Karen, I have recently been in contact with kristina carrillo-bucaram and she gave me your details.
    I am 6mnths pregnant with my first child and over 35yrs old. I am dairy and gluten free by choice and occasionally eat meat as I suffer with a sluggish digestive system. During my pregnancy its been hard for me to maintain my energy levels. I am very determined to exclusively breast feed my child for 6-9mnths. I watched one of your YouTube interviews and you spoke about breast feeding for up to 2 years, depending on the child nursing. I had been struggling to conceive for many years and was successful with assisted fertility treatment. Because of my age and the possibility of future assisted treatment I need to be realistic (time wise) when I need to conceive again in order to have the family we desire. Can it be healthy to be pregnant and breastfeed simultaneously? I will never feed my babies formula. Any suggestions are much appreciated, Thank you.
    • karen says:
      Hello Mechelle, Thank you for contacting me. If you don’t want your child to be weaned onto animal milk or formula, then you will need to nurse for at least a year. At 35 years old, you still have time to give your first child the necessary breast-feeding of at least two years which would be most beneficial. Healthy women have had healthy babies well into their 40s.The meat is most likely what is making you sluggish, as it’s quite difficult to digest and places a tremendous stress on the liver and kidneys. Pregnancy should be a time of radiance, energy and true health. You need to increase your amount of fresh fruit, leafy greens and vegetables and eliminate all animal-based food. If you decide to wean early, make sure to nurse for at least one year so that then your child can be weaned on to healthy solid food, fresh ripe fruit, with the appropriate sequence in my book Creating Healthy Children, still on sale at I personally was still nursing my daughter while pregnant with my son. If you change your eating patterns, the change in nutrition and lifestyle will assist in your fertility. I have seen this over and over again. If you should be interested in coaching, you can contact me at
    • karen says:
      Hi Mechelle,
      I’m not sure if I already responded to your comments or if I overlooked this message. You may have already had your baby. That’s great that you’re dairy and gluten-free, two very important
      poisons to keep out of your diet. If your energy levels are low, it could be that you’re not eating enough fruit or that your food combining is affecting your digestion. I was pregnant and breastfed my first child simultaneously. It did not at all harm my second child. Thank goodness you will never feed your babies formula. If you nurse for at least one year then there is no need to give baby formula or any other milk. You may decide to nurse longer which will be even better for the baby. I believe in child-led weaning which is healthier for the child physically and emotionally.
  9. This blog with healthy recipe looks beautiful and amazing . This is pretty cool perfect for healthy eating . The images also looks very nutritious and delicious it attracts me especially Banana Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce . The ingredients also are simple I love it. I think my family like this also. I am excited to try this great and awesome recipes. Thanks for this excellent blog. Highly appreciated!
    • karen says:
      I hope the information and plant-based recipes will help serve you in moving toward more and more living plant foods. Thank you for your interest.
  10. Gen Agustsson says:
    I couldn’t afford a dehydrator but i do sometimes use a toaster.


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