What A 21+ Year Raw Vegan Eats on A Typical Summer Day

I love the summer months as the produce is so plentiful and the farmers markets are full of heirloom tomatoes, delicious cucumbers and zucchinis grown locally and organically, beautiful big bunches of lettuce, red peppers which taste amazing, and so much more.

Summer, and especially August, is my favorite time of year to eat! I’ve had my own garden for many years but then the animals got in and made it almost impossible to continue no matter what I did. The woodchucks, squirrels and wild rabbits got under the fence and over the fence, and even though we took various measures the animals continue to eat our fruits and vegetables. I think part of it is that our lawn is completely organic, and so all the neighborhood animals choose our lawn over our neighbors who use pesticides.

We are fortunate to have an excellent local farmer, Guy Jones of Blooming Hill Farm, who comes to the Ramsey Farmers Market every Sunday in New Jersey. Guy grows wonderful local organic produce with good farming methods. I’ve done video interviews with Guy Jones on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/superhealthychildren. I’ve been getting most of my greens from him for many years, and now in August I’m getting the most gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sometimes local fruit like peaches and strawberries.

I still grow plants like tomatoes and basil on my deck but the kale and lettuces get eaten by the squirrels right away as soon as they start to grow. For some of my plants, I have to put a tomato cage on the large pot and put bird netting around it so the squirrels don’t get to it. I want them to eat, but I want to eat too!

plant with netting










I have been fully raw for close to 22 years. Many people are curious as to what I eat on a daily basis in the different seasons I experience on the northeastern part of the United States. I have a new youtube video on what I ate on a summer day. I want you to know my daily food intake varies greatly day to day as there is so much variety in produce right now. Mangos are at the peak of their season, fresh berries are plentiful, I’m getting excellent local peaches, the leafy greens are out of this world and I rotate throughout the week. Just in this one day I’m eating kale, collards and dark local Romaine lettuce! I aim to get in lots of greens even though I’m very attracted to watery fruit on the hot and humid summer days here in New Jersey. I hope you’ll enjoy the video, and please do comment or add what you’re enjoying this summer of 2016.