Lyme Disease and The Power of Raw Food Eating

Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing diseases in America.  Every year more cases are diagnosed, and statistically are more prevalent than AIDS/HIV and breast cancer combined.  With that being said, there is constant controversy over how to properly heal and go into remission, since there is no defined “cure” for the disease.  The CDC standard calls for two weeks of antibiotics, but unfortunately, this method of treatment is extremely unsuccessful.  Thousands of Lyme sufferers are struggling in hopes to find a treatment that is long-lasting as well as healthy and manageable.

Antibiotics are not only harsh, but over long periods of time can harm our bodies. Herbal supplements are an alternative, but they unfortunately are not always strong enough on their own to heal the disease.  Many people are turning to a “raw” or “raw vegan” diet plan, in hopes of healing from Lyme.  This can mean eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, legume sprouts, fresh herbs, and fresh juices (organic).  While it may not sound so convincing at first- the power of a raw vegan diet has been proven to heal and has been testified positively  by many in the Lyme community.

A Lyme sufferer, Jill, from California, talks positively about her healing experience with raw foods on her blog, Healing and Lyme.  Jill decided to trust in the healing power of raw food when she checked into the Healing Light Center in Colorado to begin her journey of healing her Lyme. “Only when I went to raw foods and juicing did the terrible pain in my feet go away completely. I am hooked – I LOVE raw food, and best of all, I KNOW I am doing the best I can for my body to heal and thrive.” says Jill.

Jill is not the only one healing her Lyme with a raw food lifestyle. Youtube blogger, Arnold Kauffman, who is also the owner of Arnold’s Way (a raw vegan café in Lansdale, Pennsylvania), interviews a woman named Lisa, who healed her chronic Lyme with a raw food lifestyle. “I’ve had a major life shift!” says Lisa.  In Arnold’s video she says, “I’ve been drinking a green smoothie everyday, with apple, pear, banana and a variety of greens. My life shifted from suffering from chronic Lyme to a healing path within thirty days. I was shocked.”

Darlena, a patient at Bella Vita Healing Center, had Lyme disease for about seven years.  When she arrived at Bella Vita, she was in a wheelchair and could barely move. After undergoing a lifestyle change to raw foods, she began on a rapid path to healing. At Bella Vita,  she ate raw foods and juiced leafy greens for about two to three times a day. Darlena’s healing began within three days, allowing her to move again.  Her testimony is powerful and inspiring to all who may be considering a raw food healing treatment plan.

The raw vegan treatment option is powerful and unlike any other because it is a lifestyle, rather than a pill or a supplement. It is a healthy way of eating and living that can lead to healing, and is enjoyable and easy to maintain at the same time. It jump starts Lyme healing by ridding the body of harmful toxins built up from Lyme, as well as medications built up in the liver.  A simple green smoothie can fuel a patient and boost his/her energy, also cleaning the body.  There are thousands of testimonies that can be researched, as well as tons of information regarding raw foods and healing.  From one Lyme sufferer to another, raw living plant foods are highly recommended.

Raw Food and Lyme Disease: 10 Testimonials of Healing

By Jacqueline Teschon, Ramapo College Intern to Karen Ranzi, M.A.