Highlighting “Fruit-Powered: Supercharging Life with Raw Foods”

Brian Rossiter is the founder of Fruit-Powered. I’d like to let you know about him because he’s doing some great work.

From Brian Rossiter:
I launched Fruit-Powered in June 2012 to serve as a resource for those exploring, transitioning to and leading a raw food diet. I’ve experienced tremendous strides leading a low-fat, fruit-based raw food diet and want to share its many positive health benefits with those seeking changes in their own lives. The site offers an expanding list of evergreen articles, recipes and tips. Fruit-Powered also offers product recommendations as well as a robust, growing store of books by raw fooders connected to the raw vegan café Arnold’s Way of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. I’m thrilled to carry media from Arnold Kauffman (The Way of ArnoldSeven-Point-SevenJohnny Nucell [a children’s book], Matthew Warner of NaturesPilgrim.com (Fruitarians Are The Future) and Anna Chmielewska of SweetVeganNature.com, who released Things You Can Do with Buckwheat in a Raw Kitchen on March 17.

Fruit-Powered also features Alive!, a raw food transition book I launched at the same time as the website. This book is specially designed to take transitioning raw fooders by the hand and help them go raw vegan in four simple steps, which almost mirror my transition. This transition can be natural and largely effortless. The book also includes low-fat raw food recipes, tool recommendations for a raw kitchen, a focus on fitness and insight from three raw fooders, including Arnold Kauffman and Megan Elizabeth. I also offer coaching services by phone, Skype and email for those who’d like a personalized touch with their raw transitions.

Fruit-Powered presents three regular features:

  • Fruit-Powered Digest, a free e-magazine that is mailed to a subscriber list the 1st of each month and includes a rotating mix of profiles, interviews, features, recipes, tips and more
  • Fruit-Powered Video, a free video series broadcasting features, recipes, tips, interviews and more the 15th of each month
  • Fruit-Powered Quote, a free weekly thought-provoking, inspirational message adorned with a visual representation

I’m especially excited about shining a light on those enjoying success leading a low-fat, fruit-based lifestyle. I’m jazzed about folks’ comeback stories—whether they overcame obesity or cancer or diabetes—and find immeasurable joy in sharing these stories with my audience. To me and a lot of other people, it’s an inspiring feeling to get your blood pumping and fill yourself with a can-do attitude while learning about people who overcame adversity and then thrived for the first time in their lives!

I’m excited to inform your readers I will produce a series of children’s books on healthful living. The first book or two will be out later this year. I’m also happy to announce I’ll carry Arnold Kauffman’s latest work, a children’s raw recipe book, when it’s completed in the next few months.

As I continue to learn more about a low-fat, fruit-based raw food diet, I gain inspiration to write articles on my own efforts to fine-tune my diet to achieve the greatest possible results. Additionally, I’m growing in other areas of healthful living, exploring meditation and branches of yoga new to me. In the coming months, I’ll share a lineup of articles and personal stories I hope will engage and inspire my audience.

Going Fruit-Powered has supercharged my life, and I hope your readers find something of value on my site and return to explore more in the coming weeks and months!

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