Grow Your Own Anti-Cancer Broccoli Sprouts

My son, Marco, and I have come to know that broccoli sprouts are among the healthiest foods we can eat. Like other sprouts, they give high quality protein and many other nutrients. They are life-force energy as they germinate. Broccoli sprouts are known to be anti-cancer and cancer preventative. Marco always has several jars of broccoli sprouts growing at different stages. They are quite easy to grow right on your kitchen counter.

In the video below, Marco Ranzi, owner of the new, talks about the benefits of Broccoli Sprouts and how to grow them successfully. Marco gives the directions for purchasing jars, lids and broccoli seeds and how to grow the best broccoli sprouts.

The sulforaphane in broccoli seeds is excellent for the brain, according to Dr. Michael Greger’s book “How Not to Die” and an excellent food for children on the autism spectrum. Since I work with families with children having autism, I teach them how to sprout broccoli seeds to use in their juices, smoothies and plant-based and raw meals.

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  1. Gen Agustsson says:
    can you grow chia sprouts?


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