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Malabsorption of Nutrients and How to Heal

Many people have heard of the word malabsorption, but what does it actually mean and how are people affected by it? “Malabsorption is defined as an inability to absorb nutrients from foods.” ( Normally after you eat, your small intestine takes the nutrients from the food and absorbs it into your bloodstream and throughout your …

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to the Super Healthy Children blog I recently returned from a 10 day talk and “Creating Healthy Children” book tour from New York to Atlanta. I met so many amazing people on the way. Above, I am pictured with Juliana and Charlotte, owners of Luna’s Living Kitchen, a wonderful raw/living foods restaurant …

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Zucchini Recipes for Summer

In my first “Super Healthy Children” newsletter, I talked about Growing Up on Pasta. As a child growing up, I loved Ronzoni spaghetti covered in a thick cooked tomato sauce which came from a can, and then I added a few heavy sprinklings of parmesan cheese. Pasta and bread were the most difficult processed food …

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