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Creating Healthy Children
About the passion of raising healthy children on raw foods.
by Karen Ranzi

In raising my two wonderful children, I have had to learn on my own all of the incredible, mindful, meaningful ways of bringing up children. When my first child was born in 1987, I had no mother to help me, as my mother had died seven years earlier. My mother-in-law lives in Colombia, South America, and my closest friends were single and childless. I had little information to go on except that my loving father frequently told me how important it would be for me to nurse my child. He had wanted my mother to breastfeed my sister and I when we were infants, but after two weeks of nursing me she gave up because her doctor told her it would be better and easier to bottle feed.

I was fortunate that I was exposed to healthy nutrition through my father and his mother. My paternal grandmother ate a mostly raw vegan diet, which saved her from serious asthma and emphysema earlier in her life. My father was a vegetarian who ate mainly fruits and vegetables and believed in the importance of good exercise, sunshine, rest and healing from any ailment in natural ways.

However, when I was a child growing up on the Standard American Diet which my mother provided for me, I completely ignored my father’s and grandmother’s excellent example on health and nutrition.

In later years, when my own son was ill, I recalled the nutrition messages my grandmother had given me. My son suffered from chronic allergic rhinitis, ear infections and asthmatic symptoms up until he was between three and four years old. I then transitioned him to a raw food diet and was amazed by the dramatic healing in under a year’s time.

Except for the importance of breastfeeding, I did not know anything about attachment parenting–the crucial emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of how to raise a healthy child.

Now that my daughter is 18 and my son is almost 16, I look back at the earlier years and wish that I had had more knowledge and had understood the values of nurturing my children both biologically and emotionally prior to becoming a parent. It has all been a process for me, culminating in my deep passion to provide meaningful information and a discussion about parenting values to people who want to eventually have children, as well as those parents who want to help the children they have right now to be happier, healthier, and more secure.

For the past six years I have been presenting a seminar called “Creating Healthy Children.” I speak extensively about the significance of studying children’s physiological and emotional needs through the raw food diet and attachment parenting. Because many parents rely upon medicine when a child doesn’t feel well, I point out the importance of obtaining the best nourishment for their families and how they can transition to a healthier diet to eliminate a large reason for the cause of illness.

Because a child’s trust and feelings of security are directly linked with his or her physiological well-being, I also talk about the great value of following the mental and emotional needs of the young baby and child throughout the growing years. When a baby is born into this totally new and unfamiliar world, we need to take heed of his or her cues indicating a need for security and comfort, by: carrying the baby constantly, sleeping with the baby, holding the baby skin-to-skin, and following the baby’s continued needs as he or she grows.

My strong feelings about guiding parents toward their basic instincts in raising their children has inspired me to write the book Creating Healthy Children, which describes how to physically nourish our children by giving natural, uncooked foods, and how to emotionally nourish them through meeting their needs at each level of growth and development. Parents need a guide to following the needs of their growing child, and to support them in raising their children differently from the norm.

Among the topics the book covers are the following:

  • What future parents should know and prepare for prior to conception to create overall health and the clean internal body necessary for developing the evolving fetus;
  • How to achieve an excellent, radiant pregnancy and a quick, smooth, exhilarating childbirth;
  • Exercise;
  • Circumcision;
  • B12 issues;
  • Attachment parenting;
  • Raw foods for baby;
  • Kid-tested recipes;
  • Transitioning older children, and more.
  • I reveal helpful tips on how to improve the diet of children of all ages.

One of my favorite chapters is on “raw family journeys,” in which I report the stories that families worldwide gave in response to my questions based on information most meaningful and helpful to parents who want to raise children on the raw food diet.

As someone who has maintained a 100% raw vegan diet for over 12 years and has witnessed numerous benefits personally, in family and friends, and clients, I am passionate and excited to present this book. I believe that proper care of children will bring health and excellence in all areas.

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  1. lisa burke says:
    This is soooo great! I attachment parent and homebirthed and homeschool, didn’t circumsize or immunize. My kids are so healthy! They however do not only eat raw, infact MILA has saved us bigtime! Tasteless, odorless whole raw food that goes in anything. Thank goodness. They didn’t start on veggies and don’t really like them yet. But they ask for the MILA. I feel great about it! They have been gluten free mainly for ages cuz the younger one had eczema on its way to asthma with gluten. So mila is gluten free too. I wish I wouldn’t have missed your talk! 1-855-EAT-MILA Cheers! MILA MOM
    • karen says:
      Lisa, You listened closely to your deepest maternal instincts. Most women today have been taught not to listen to their instincts. I didn’t know about attachment parenting when my children were babies but by nursing longterm I was doing a lot of skin-to-skin contact. Many mothers of today want to be there for their children but need to be brought back to their roots. They need to understand the importance of following the needs of the child You and I both know that being there for our children through attachment parenting will not spoil them. Thank you so much for posting!
  2. Jaime Krouk says:
    Hi, I’m a new mom of a bright, beautiful happy baby girl named Aayla! My husband and I delivered her ourselves in a bathtub safely at home after enjoying a delightful gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian pregnancy that went full term! The only negative experience for us was that we didn’t have any familial emotional or social support regarding our dietary and natural parenting choices. Many of our loved ones scoffed at us and told us they feared for our baby. But, I knew from years of personal dietary and allergy issues, beginning very early due to a malnourished and traumatic infancy, as well as my own thorough researching (Arnold Ehret’s work is a tremendous influence for me), that I needed to just trust myself and let Nature help me and my baby! And so far, so good! I never once saw a doctor during my pregnancy; in fact, I felt more fit than ever before and was able to take daily walks in the woods everyday! I had no morning sickness or fatigue and had an amazingly easy recovery after the delivery! And our daughter is perfect! Aayla is a truly happy, healthy, active and interactive baby!! She’s been smiling since day 4 and laughs all the time! She is like a ray of sunshine and everyone lights up around her! Even the harshest of people soften when she’s near! And my husband and I are just smitten, forever in love with our child who we wanted and welcomed with open arms! We are exclusively breast feeding, no bottles or pumps (just doesn’t feel natural to me) and we also joyfully co-sleep as a family (which is another thing some people have negative judgment about). But I am learning to let go of my fear of others’ opinions. i am interested solely in my child’s wellbeing! And I am grateful to see that there are some people like us who want to live as cleanly and naturally and lovingly as possible. Thank you for your example and inspiring story!
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