Creating Healthy Children

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Chapter 1:  My Story
Chapter 2:  The Health of Mother and Father Prior to Conception
Chapter 3:  Homebirth
Chapter 4:  Discovering the Truth about Circumcision: One Woman’s Journey of Personal Transformation
Chapter 5:  Raw Food Nutrition for Pregnancy and Childbirth
Chapter 6:  Fats in the Raw Food Diet for Pregnancy and Lactation
Chapter 7:  Exercise during Pregnancy
Chapter 8:  The B-12 Question: How to Obtain it, For You and Your Children
Chapter 9:  Digestion and Assimilation of Nutrients during Pregnancy and
Chapter 10: Breastfeeding Is the Best Choice for Mother and Baby
Chapter 11: Attachment Parenting, Skin-to-Skin, and the Family Bed
Chapter 12: Feeding Baby Uncooked Foods
Chapter 13: Teaching Your Child How to Eat

(Eating during the Day)

Chapter 14: Personal Care Products for Children
Chapter 15: Children’s Exercise and Ventilation
Chapter 16: Caring About the Creatures Who Share Our Planet
Chapter 17: Transitioning Older Children to Raw Foods
Chapter 18: Kid-Tested Recipes
Chapter 19: Can Our Families Get Enough Essential Fatty Acids on a Raw Vegan
Chapter 20: Vitamins and Minerals on a Raw Vegan Diet
Chapter 21: Semi-Vegetarian?
Chapter 22: Eliminating the Cause of Illness Can Keep Our Families Disease-Free
Chapter 23: Their Decision
Chapter 24: Water, and How Much Do You Need as a Raw Vegan?
Chapter 25: Genetic Engineering: How Can It Affect Our Children and Future Generations?
Chapter 26: Modeling Emotional Poise for Our Children

(Obesity Understood)

Chapter 27: Questions From Parents Striving Toward Raising Healthy Children
Chapter 28: Raw Families – Their Journeys to a Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 29: Homeschooling
Chapter 30: Nonviolent Communication With Children
Chapter 31: Vaccination and Our Children
Chapter 32: Your Child’s Vision Health
Chapter 33: Dental Health and Raw Foods
Chapter 34: The Sun and Health
Chapter 35: Conclusion

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