How I Ate Raw Vegan Traveling in Croatia and Greece

by Karen Ranzi

I was away most of the month of September with my family. After years of very intense work focused on vegan and raw food nutrition…writing books, articles, speaking and holding classes and retreats, I finally decided to take the time for some down time away from the computer (Even when traveling before, I usually had spent plenty of time on the computer, but this time was different). I’m sure many of you can relate to the need for some relaxation and rest in your life, as well as connecting to Nature and getting away from electro magnetic fields for a while as much as possible to rejuvenate our health. And then there are the huge benefits we receive from bonding with our friends and family.

We went traveling to Greece and I would have loved to visit the Greek island of Ikaria, but we didn’t make it there this trip. The people of Ikaria are part of the Blue Zone, the longest lived people. And some of the reasons why these people live to be centenarians or over 100 are some of the same reasons I went on this vacation: They people in Ikaria are known to have low stress lives, place their value on their relationships with family and friends, I heard they have two to three festivals a week, and they also have big gardens.

Below is my family in the beautiful and historical city of Dubrovnik, Croatia:



It was my husband’s birthday. He is half Colombian and half Swiss, so we took our family of five to Switzerland to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends. Then we left afterward with our immediate family to travel to Croatia and Greece. I was a bit concerned if I would be able to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables for my fully raw vegan lifestyle, especially when not in a big city. To my surprise, there were only a couple times throughout two weeks when it was a challenge to get enough raw food, fruits and vegetables. I loved seeing how the vegan movement is growing throughout Europe and almost everywhere you can say you’re vegan and it’s understood. Raw vegan will take more time, but it’s also growing! I even found raw vegan restaurants or restaurants serving an abundance of raw vegan restaurants in places like Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Athens and the island of Santorini, Greece, and was often able to describe to the server how I would like my food prepared very simply and without oil.

Try Nishta Cafe in Dubrovnik, Peas Cafe (Give Peas A Chance!) in Athens, Avocado Cafe in Athens, and Tranquilo Restaurant in Santorini…Amazing!

I had the best figs I ever tasted in my life in Croatia, Greece!


I had some excellent mono meals of just figs!

I just created a couple short videos I’ve posted on youtube if you travel to these places or how to eat in general when you travel away from home. Come along with us on the fun short video tour of the raw vegan food I ate in Croatia and Greece:

How I Ate Raw Vegan in Croatia!

How I Ate Raw Vegan in Greece!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Em says:
    I can’t imagine staying raw on vacation! I am early in my journey, trying to be vegan for almost a year, with many slip ups. My goal is to be raw vegan. I ate completely low fat raw for 2 months with no slip ups and felt amazing. Then I started to let a few cravings and temptations in and before I knew it I was back binging on everything I shouldn’t be eating. Story of my life. How do you stay raw on days when you are out and about all day and don’t have time for food prep?
    • karen says:
      Once you’ve stayed with fresh whole plant food for a while the taste buds gradually begin to change, and foods you previously considered edible no longer fit into foods that are worth eating. The reason is that they are not nutrient dense and I only want to eat food that will serve that purpose. On days when I’m out and about I choose the real quick raw foods like whole fruit and veggies. I’ll either bring or buy apples, bananas, celery, sprouts and other raw food easy to carry with me. I look at food more as serving me Sometimes I also prepare a large green smoothie and put it in a tight thermos. Having these with me and knowing how great I feel eating them always keeps me from going to other food which won’t nourish me.
  2. Gen Agustsson says:
    i keep slipping up on raw fruit meals for years but now i am eating more vegan meals and taking less drugs. Doctors don’t keep me healthier enough! i am planning to move off the grid with my family but i tried to grow my own fruits at home but its just doing so porrly.
  3. Karen Ranzi says:
    Yes Gen, more fiber rich vegan whole food meals will help tremendously with your health and to keep you off drugs. Going to doctors for prescriptions is definitely not the solution. I agree that living in a place where you can grow fruit is ideal. My son recently moved to Costa Rica to do exactly that. Best of luck with this wise goal!


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