Book Review of The Raw Cure


The Raw Cure

by Jesse J. Jacoby




Book Review of The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine

The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine is the best book I’ve read on why we absolutely must stay with a raw vegan lifestyle for our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and planetary health. The reasons are mapped out methodically in this excellent volume of research done by author Jesse J. Jacoby.

As the author of Creating Healthy Children, I am one who knows for sure that the principles and guiding research in The Raw Cure if started out early in life will lead to a fulfilling and long life of health and happiness. The ignorance seen today in abuse of animals, consumption of animals as food, and intake of fake, processed and refined, chemical-laden foods is sky-rocketing into epidemic proportions everywhere imaginable.

Jesse Jacoby in The Raw Cure takes us back to where we need to be, in a world where animals are treated with respect as the creatures who share our planet, and to a place where we can return to health by following Nature’s plan. I recommend this book to all my raw food coaching clients and thank Jesse for the phenomenal labor of love he has put into this masterpiece.

I found The Raw Cure to be extremely thorough, encompassing the toxins in the foods we are eating, from animal flesh and products to processed foods such as pizza, to why these foods such as cheese are so addicting, and to why cooked oils are so bad for us.

I love when Jesse delves into the positive side, including all the nutritious foods we should be eating, how to eat our way to optimal health, how we can reverse disease, how we can gain purity within, and all the many wonderful solutions to health and happiness, all starting with understanding the subtitle of the book: “How Self Empowerment, A Raw Vegan Diet, And Change of Lifestyle Can Free Us From Sickness and Disease.”

jesse j jacoby









Jesse’s wish is to one day live in a compassionate world where people no longer eat animals; wild animals roam free without hunters trying to shoot them; oil is obsolete and remains underground; logging is banned; dams are removed from the rivers; fracking does not exist; GMOs and food chemicals are erased from the food supply; prescription drugs, vaccines, cigarettes, and alcohol disappear; cleaning chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides are banished; hemp and bamboo are the only natural resources used for production; all corporations and industries collapse and we resort back to small family-owned businesses; war is a fairy tale; mainstream media delivers the truth; wealthy people actually care for the underprivileged and use their resources to end poverty; indigenous tribes live free without corporations threatening their survival; sonar testing is not allowed in the oceans and humans do not impede on marine life; and money does not rule our lives. Amen.

Thank you, Jesse, for this powerful message and all the research that went into it. I highly recommend The Raw Cure.

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Growing Up with A Candy-Free Halloween


Halloween Basket 








My children are grown now, ages 27 and 24. I still remember every year how I dreaded the thought of my children trick-or-treating with their friends on the Candy Holiday…. Halloween.

It was never easy for me, as I so wanted to raise healthy children. I learned that one cannot raise a healthy child in today’s processed and refined food world unless some incredible imagination and motivation are used. Think of all the parties our children are exposed to during the year. Halloween for me was the most intense of all.

There are the Halloween parties, at school and out with friends, and the trick-or-treating which often involves eating massive amounts of health-destroying, chemical-laden, highly-marketed candies of all sorts. I did not want to isolate my children. I wanted them to enjoy the beautiful costumes and the fun spirit, but I knew that once they started eating the toxic candies they would quickly become addicted.

I had to create a gift that would be motivating to replace the candy. When they returned home with bags filled with candy, I dumped it immediately and presented their gift or a gift slip with a special event written on it. So each year I came up with a new idea. One year it would be a desired book, the next it would be a sports toy, or a special trip we would take that week.

I piled a tray with coins, toys and other items as my trick-or-treat offering and let my children hand them out. When we as parents set this healthy model, we are helping our children to understand the harm of such poisonous food substances.

The children who visited our house for candy were surprised and often pleased to receive attractive colored pencils, coins, spider rings, fake witch nails, mini basketballs, masks, colorful necklaces and more. Many children looked forward to visiting our house above all. My youtube video dressed in my bumblebee costume will show you some of the fun trinkets I pass out each year.

Check it out here:

These are a few of the positive comments I received:

Mango Mama

Great ideas Karen! This is the first year that I won’t be giving out candy, and honestly this is so much more fun!


Love the outfit, and I think you delighted in those necklaces as much as the littlies will have done! :-)

Awesome Rawsome Lifestyle

You look delightful in your costume! Thanks for the non-food ideas! I’ve been giving out boxed raisins and fruit leather for many years.

When we prepare healthy treats for Halloween, our children can join in, enjoy and remain vibrant.

I see children who eat candy followed by demonstrations of erratic behavior, poor concentration, and hyperactivity. This was me as a child, bringing home five bags of candy after trick-or-treating. No wonder I ended up with a mouth full of mercury fillings and experienced years of brain fog.

My intern Nicole searched for healthy and fun raw Halloween treats. She got some excellent ideas but changed them to create her own healthy raw versions. These treats would be fun and healthy to prepare with our children for Halloween….”Apple Mouths” and “Pepper Pumpkins.”

Halloween Apple Mouths with strawberry sauce








Apple Mouths

Sliced up apples
Organic strawberries, blended
Raw almond butter (can be used instead of strawberries as a variation)
Raw sliced almonds

Spread blended strawberries or almond butter on the bottom apple slice. Stick almond pieces toward front section of each apple section to create the teeth.

Halloween peppers









Pepper Pumpkins

2 large red peppers
2 large zucchinis

Slice top off peppers. Scoop out seeds and carve to resemble a jack-o-lantern. Stuff zucchini linguini inside. Kids will enjoy eating the veggie noodles out of the pepper pumpkins.

Article by Karen Ranzi, M.A.

Food Photography by Nicole Ramirez

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A Day in My Raw Life

A day in my raw life….Karen Ranzi

Karen Ranzi is the author of Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, and her latest book, Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families: 115 Easy Recipes and Health Tips for Energetic Living, and also lectures and consults on the raw food diet and lifestyle.

Karen speaks at London Vegfest 2014






My day begins at 7am. I start out by washing up and looking at favorite quotes I have posted in my philosophy corner. There is one written by the Buddha that always inspires me to remind myself that life is fine the way it is right now: “Do not pursue the past. Do not pursue the future. Looking deeply at life as it is in this very moment, the liberated one dwells in stability and freedom.”

I always start my day with a bowl of fruit or a green smoothie. Today I started with my favorite smoothie which I feel truly nourishes me: two cups of water, two chopped Granny Smith apples and one bunch of dandelion leaves. This is Dandelion Apple Sauce. As I eat I chew slowly, thinking of the extreme benefits I am receiving from the life force in this food.

I grew up on the Standard American Diet and I turned to raw foods 20 years ago in 1994 when my son, Marco, was ill with asthma, chronic ear infections and chronic allergic rhinitis. My diet has been 100% raw since then because I lost the taste for cooked foods after a few months of eating only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I also saw the dramatic healing of my son’s condition, and this spoke very powerfully to me about the benefits of the raw food lifestyle. So from then on I raised both of my children on a raw vegan diet. Marco is now 24 and his sister Gabriela is 27.

Gabriela Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 12.49.04 PM




Marco & Karen at Camp K










I started with a haphazard raw food diet in 1994, emphasizing nuts and dried fruit and not enough green leafy vegetables. Since this way of eating was an improvement from my previous cooked and processed food vegan diet, I did see some initial benefits. However, I soon learned the benefits of a diet high in leafy green vegetables, fruit and smaller amounts of nuts and seeds, and following appropriate food combining principles.

I often jump on a rebounder but today I have chosen hiking and yoga for my movement activities. After exercising, I replenish with five bananas and lots of celery to provide significant minerals to balance the sugar of the bananas.

Pina Colada Green Smoothie- Whole Foods Yonkers








I then drive 15 minutes to the school for autistic children where I work two days a week as a speech therapist. Today I will be there half a day and when I arrive home I will make a large green juice, 16 or 32 ounces. My favorite green juice consists of kale, cucumber, lots of celery, lemon and a small piece of ginger. I then spend at least one hour a day answering emails from individuals, parents, educators and others wanting information on dealing naturally with health issues. I love to empower others and consider my responses to them most important.

I then make phone calls to set up book tours, speaking engagements and other forms of promotion. In fall of 2014 I planned my speaking engagements for my talk on preventing and healing autism for the Autism in Focus Symposium at Arnold’s Way in Pennsylvania, my presentation for the London Vegfest, and planning information for my raw food coaching programs and talks for the Borneo Fruit Festival in Indonesia. I love to meet and speak to people interested in improving their health and the health of their children. My passion for healthy lifestyle in a time of major disease epidemics such as cancer, obesity, autism, diabetes, asthma and heart disease, keeps me focused and working hard on a daily basis.

After many years of raising and homeschooling my children, I placed my energy into writing a book that would be an important resource for families moving toward health in all areas of life, Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods. I felt empty when my children left home to follow their own passions, and the book gave me an adventure that fueled my love of living, and provided me with a vehicle for getting out into the world to deliver a very much needed message.

Layout 1









I eat my last meal by 6 pm and I start with loads of fresh fruit. In the fall I have been loving grapefruit so I begin with two of them. Then I have a couple each of local apples and delicious juicy pears, and then I have my heavier meal, a large salad with lots and lots of crispy Romaine lettuce, half an avocado today (other days I might switch and have a nice scoop of seed pate or a special nut or seed dressing), lots of sprouts (I especially love sunflower sprouts), thinly sliced cucumber, soaked unsalted sundried tomato halves, and lemon. Yum!

I pay attention to the time I finish eating so I am not eating late into the evening and I have plenty of evening time to digest my food. I’ve noted that since I have been living this way I feel more rested and energetic the next morning because my body can focus on sleep at night instead of digestion. All who practice this powerful health and rejuvenation technique extol its virtues.

I go to bed around 11pm. At that time I express my gratitude for a full day – one in which I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to facilitate others, both adults and children, in their quest to nourish themselves and improve their lives. In the process of reaching outside myself to help others, I have truly enriched my own life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Karen Bergen Shot-1









*Karen Ranzi is an award-winning author, internationally renowned lecturer, mother of two children raised raw vegan, a raw food consultant and raw food chef, and speech therapist. Karen travels world-wide to deliver her passionate message on the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle and raising healthy families. Karen was presented the Peer-to-Peer Award for Service to Children’s Health and the Best of Raw Award for Top Professional Simple Raw Food Chef with 5+ Years Experience. Her book Creating Healthy Children was awarded the bronze metal of the Living Now Book Awards in the area of Health and Wellness.

For more information about Karen’s books, Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families: 115 Easy Recipes and Health Tips for Energetic Living, her upcoming book tours and events, and her classes, visit and and


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Raw Vegan Food and Anti-Aging

A raw food diet is considered by many to be the key to longevity. It has shown the power to detoxify the body, reverse degenerative processes, and deliver all the nutrients needed to sustain optimal health. Just look at what raw foods contain: vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, fiber, amino acids, antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, phytosterols, plant hormones, and many other compounds with high healing potential.

fruit and vegetables heart









Once you transition to a fresh raw food diet, there is a detoxification process. Following this period, which can be different for each individual depending on history, the body will regain the ability to absorb nutrients. Most people who have experienced success on a raw food diet longterm will notice visible changes in the way they look and feel.

Karen Ranzi









As we age, our bodies need support. Food rich in vitamins, enzymes, bioflavonoids, and other vital nutrients helps us heal, regenerate, and reverse aging. It is believed that human cells are designed to live about 120 years. Raw foods contribute to anti-aging due to the higher nutrient content and higher fiber content. Fiber is essential for blood sugar control and keeping the digestive system working properly, and increased nutrient content of raw foods is beneficial for the entire body. You can obtain these benefits by gradually adding more fresh raw plant food to your diet. Just by adding raw foods to your diet in the form of fruits, juices, salads, nuts, and seeds, you can improve your physical and mental state and reverse some effects of aging.

green soup with blueberries









Fresh raw vegan food is the natural way to nourish your body. We are designed to eat raw foods. Food in its raw, natural state cannot be nutritionally improved upon. Packaged raw food is often dehydrated of its necessary water content, so it’s best to eat your food fresh.

Anti-aging benefits include a sharp mind and an energetic body, elimination of aches and pains, and a sense of vitality. The nutrients in raw food are delivered to your tissues and cells efficiently with minimal energy sapped for digestion since it’s kept in its natural form. One of the main reasons aging has such a huge impact on the body is due to a decrease in metabolism. Boosting your metabolism keeps all your body systems working, as well as quicker repair and replacement of damaged cells. Raw fruits and vegetables are the best metabolism boosters and great anti-aging foods.

green juice for hhi







The body is designed to heal itself with proper nutrition and rest. There are many who can confirm that a fresh raw vegan diet delivers regenerative benefits. The raw food lifestyle is a refreshing contrast to the fast-food and high stress lifestyle typical of mainstream society. The majority of Americans feel a lack of energy due to inadequate nutrition and rest. The raw vegan diet contains anti-aging properties which could turn this situation around.

When our cells, tissues, and organs get the proper nutrients and are given time to rebuild, they become stronger and healthier. Eating raw foods helps our bodies do just that.

Below is a photo of myself with age 60+ raw food goddesses presenting at the London VegFest. From left, Victoria Moran is 64 and the author of Main Street Vegan and 11 other life-changing books. The blonde, Mimi Kirk, is actually 76 years old and totally raw! She is author of Live Raw. Third from the left is Dr. Linda Joy Rose, author of Raw Fusion Living, and is age 60, only a few weeks older than me. Then I’m all the way to the right, and just turned 60 in September, author of Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families.

London Vegfest 2014- Victoria, Mimi Kirk, LJ and Karen #2








Below is my recent youtube video of the “Four Raw Goddesses Defying the Myths of Aging” at the London VegFest 2014: 



Jacoby, Jesse. The Raw Cure: How self-empowerment, a raw vegan diet, and change of lifestyle can free us from sickness and disease. Fort Bragg, CA: Soulspire Publishing, 2012.

McCabe, John. Sunfood Diet Infusion: Transforming Health and Preventing Disease Through Raw Veganism 2nd Edition. Santa Monica, CA: Carmania Books, 2012.

By Karen Ranzi, M.A. and Intern Nicole Ramirez

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Avoiding Low Energy on A Raw Food Diet

Sometimes when transitioning to a raw food diet, my clients express they are experiencing a lack of energy. Others clearly say increased energy is the first sign of the raw vegan lifestyle benefits. If low energy is short-term, this is usually a detoxification symptom during the beginning of a raw food diet. Lack of energy can be attributed to the body working hard to expel toxins which have accumulated over the years of eating processed and refined foods, animal flesh and products, and other highly proteinaceous and chemical-laden substances.

ADD images








The following are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure you are getting energy from your food sources, or if some of your food sources are depleting your energy:

Are you eating enough calories from fruit?

Margrieta shopping with children









We need to be getting enough calories from fruit to get the glucose we need for our energy needs. Low fruit diets often mean that we are getting our energy from high fat sources such as nuts, seeds, and avocados. As much as we require some of these overt fats, we want to make sure not to overeat them as their complicated digestion can rob us of our energy.

Are you limiting your intake of nuts, seeds, avocados, and other fatty foods?

To better understand the overt fats we need in our daily lifestyle, I refer you to chapter 6 on All about Fats in the Raw Vegan Diet in my book Creating Healthy Children. The detailed explanation covers the amount of fat appropriate for different individuals, both adult and children. Children, however, should not be on a low fat raw vegan diet as they experience growth spurts and are often more physically active, requiring them to listen to their own needs for fat sources in their diets. Adults do well with a low fat raw vegan diet, getting their energy needs met by the simple carbohydrates in ripe raw fruit.

Are you getting in your greens?

green juice #5










Leafy green vegetables, abundant in protein, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are excellent to balance the sugars in fruit. I recommend a high-green diet to keep us highly mineralized.

Are you limiting your intake of dried fruits, nuts, and other low water raw foods?

Our blood and cellular tissues are 72% water. Dried fruits are extremely concentrated in sugars and have had the water content removed. Nuts and other low water content raw foods are difficult to digest and are acid-forming, other than almonds. We need a small amount of these foods but most people coming to the raw food diet tend to overeat these complex fats, which often result in decreased energy.

Are you paying attention to other health factors, like exercise, sleep, stress level and sunshine?

sunshine #2






A healthy water-rich raw vegan diet is only one factor among many for increasing energy in your life. Other health factors equally important are getting sufficient daily exercise, sleep, a low stress lifestyle, and sunshine to give us adequate levels of vitamin D. Further information on these topics and how to improve your life and gain the desired energy levels you want are discussed in detail for adults and children in chapters 7, 15, 26 and 34 of Creating Healthy Children.

It’s best to ease into the raw food diet one step at a time. Start with 50 percent raw and go from there. If you are already eating a lot of raw food then you can move to a higher place from where you are. You can focus on a high raw or 100 percent raw diet as the eventual goal, but putting on that kind of immediate pressure when beginning can end up backfiring. Instead, find the balance that works best with your lifestyle and consider it an evolving process.

Most important is to get the animal flesh and products and processed and refined packaged foods out of the diet first. These are not meant to be our food sources and have no place at all in our diets. To understand more about why animals are not meant to be our food, please read The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle. Keeping even small amounts of animal food or processed food in a primarily raw food diet will still lead to intense cravings and bingings as well as rob us of our energy.

Try to find simple well-combined recipes with few ingredients and make meal plans, especially as you begin. There are food-combining charts in both Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families. Don’t allow yourself to go many hours without eating. Make sure to eat a variety of fresh ripe fruit, leafy greens, sprouts, other vegetables, and smaller amounts of nuts, seeds and avocado.

Some raw foods that increase energy are:

1. Fruit – As discussed, fruit is energy food. Ripe fruit is easily digested, moving quickly from the stomach to the intestines and then distributed efficiently into the bloodstream and cells for quick energy. What isn’t utilized can be easily eliminated. So many fruits are loaded with antioxidants necessary for our energy and our survival.

For example, blueberries have more antioxidants than any other fruit, quite a bit of heart healthy fiber and are a natural brain food. Blueberries are easy to add to your diet, especially if you pick up some from the farmers market or local grocery. Please make sure all berries are organic. In the wintertime, frozen organic blueberries can be used in green smoothies to boost nutrition. They’re versatile, ready to eat and you can never have too many!

2. Coconuts – are one of the most naturally hydrating foods, especially the young varieties. The natural electrolyte composition of coconut water is better at re-hydrating the body than any other sport/nutrition drink and is the best match to what your body already produces. Coconuts are also packed with healthy fats that help lower cholesterol, fuel your brain and heart function, and have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

3. Seeds – are high in fiber, vitamin E, and healthy unsaturated fats that can help keep your brain and heart healthy. Raw seeds are also a good source of protein, zinc, which is excellent for your immune system, and have been linked to lower levels of the bad LDL cholesterol. Again, because this is a fat source, we are talking here about small amounts to get the benefits.

Chia Seeds – they have more omega 3s and antioxidants than flax and have been used for centuries as a life sustaining food. In addition, Chia seeds are an easily digested food, provide easy access nutrients to the body and are one of the most complete plant-based sources of protein available.

4. Leafy Greens – it’s almost impossible to get enough greens. If given the chance, you could ingest greens for every meal and see only benefits from it. Leafy greens like kale, chard, beet greens, collards and spinach, are high in chlorophyll, a powerful antioxidant, vitamins C and E, fiber, enzymes and amino acids.

5. Seaweeds – such as kelp and dulse, have an estimated 10-20 times the average nutrients in land plants and are one of the richest sources of chlorophyll available. Seaweeds are extremely high in minerals and are said to be one of the most easily assimilated sources of minerals for the human bloodstream. They are also a good plant based source of iron, calcium and iodine.

6. Sprouts – the dormant energy of any seed is the source of life and growth potential that it contains. As the growth process begins during sprouting, food enzymes are activated, nutrient levels increase and new vitamins and minerals are taken on. In fact, per calorie, sprouts are said to provide more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins than any other food. Sprouts are also high in phytonutrients and chlorophyll, which play an antioxidant role in your body. I love sunflower greens, and we grow them here year round in our home.

Work Cited

Ranzi, Karen. Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods. Ramsey, NJ: SHC Publishing, 2010.

By Karen Ranzi, M.A. with Intern Nicole Ramirez

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Toxicity of Iron Supplementation

Iron is a mineral that is naturally present in many foods, added to some food products, and available as a dietary supplement. Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, an erythrocyte protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Iron supports metabolism. Iron is also necessary for growth, development, normal cellular functioning, and synthesis of some hormones and connective tissue. Intake recommendations for iron and other nutrients are provided in the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) developed by the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies (formerly National Academy of Sciences)

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): average daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97%–98%) healthy individuals.

  • Adequate Intake (AI): established when evidence is insufficient to develop an RDA; intake at this level is assumed to ensure nutritional adequacy.
  • Estimated Average Requirement (EAR): average daily level of intake estimated to meet the requirements of 50% of healthy individuals. It is usually used to assess the adequacy of nutrient intakes in population groups but not individuals.
  • Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL): maximum daily intake unlikely to cause adverse health effects.

Recommended dietary sources of nonheme iron include nuts, beans, and vegetables.






Fortified grain products have been used as a way of meeting daily iron needs. In the United States, about half of dietary iron comes from processed grains, including bread, cereal, and other grain products.

10 worst foods - glutinous grains









Iron depletion and deficiency progresses through several stages:

  1. Mild deficiency or storage iron depletion: Serum ferritin concentrations and levels of iron in bone marrow decrease.
  2. Marginal deficiency, mild functional deficiency, or iron-deficient erythropoiesis (erythrocyte production): Iron stores are depleted, iron supply to erythropoietic cells and transferrin saturation decline, but hemoglobin levels are usually within the normal range. In addition, plasma iron levels decline and plasma transferrin concentrations (measured by plasma total iron-binding capacity) rise, resulting in decreased transferrin saturation. Serum transferrin receptor concentrations also increase.
  3. IDA: Iron stores are exhausted; hematocrit and levels of hemoglobin decline; and the resulting microcytic, hypochromic anemia is characterized by small red blood cells with low hemoglobin concentrations.

Breast milk contains highly bioavailable iron but in amounts that are stated not to be sufficient to meet the needs of infants older than 4 to 6 months.

Important to know, frequent breast milk feedings will increase the amount of iron the baby receives through breast milk. Doctors often recommend that babies be breastfed on a schedule every three hours. I breastfed my children on demand, and as infants they often nursed every hour. Babies nursing on demand will be ingesting at least twice as much iron, and since the body can store iron, there will be more iron kept on reserve. I encourage mothers to nurse their babies on demand. Only your baby will know what nourishment he or she needs and how often it’s required for optimal health and development.

For nutritious breast milk, mother needs to make sure to include iron rich foods such as plenty of leafy green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, mulberries, watermelon and more.

margrieta. attachment parenting







The most common form of iron supplementation for infants is grain cereal such as rice cereal. This refined product has little to no nutrition and is an acid-forming food. The iron in these cereals is poorly absorbed, and this is an unnatural food choice which may be linked to cancer. We want to give our children their first foods to maximize their nutrition and minimize their toxic load. Nourishment should be in the form of whole plant food, extremely nutritious, instead of supplement pills and drops.

Soon after your child begins eating solid foods such as bite-sized pieces of ripe raw fruit, green smoothies and green juices should follow. Green smoothies are a fun and delicious way to get the iron rich leafy green vegetables into your child’s diet. Parsley has a high iron content and can be used in green juices. Later, it can be chopped finely in some raw recipes such as the middle eastern dish called tabbouleh.

Because Vitamin C enhances iron absorption, including Vitamin C rich foods at the same meal with foods containing high amounts of iron is wise. Berries and orange in a smoothie with leafy green vegetables insures this excellent combination.

Acute intakes of more than 20 mg/kg iron from supplements or medicines can lead to gastric upset, constipation, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and faintness, especially if food is not taken at the same time. Taking supplements containing 25 mg elemental iron or more can also reduce zinc absorption and plasma zinc concentrations. In severe cases (e.g., one-time ingestions of 60 mg/kg), overdoses of iron can lead to multisystem organ failure, coma, convulsions, and even death.

iron supplementation




Overdosing on iron supplements may cause gastrointestinal symptoms within the first six hours after ingestion. You may also experience a weak and rapid pulse, low blood pressure, fever or difficulty breathing. If the illness does not subside, the symptoms can elevate to failure of your cardiovascular, kidney, liver or central nervous system, and leave long-term damage.

Symptoms of an iron overdose include nausea, diarrhea, black stools, vomiting blood, a metallic taste in your mouth, stomach pain, fever and headache, which sometimes but not always occur within an hour of taking too many iron supplements. If you don’t get treatment, more severe overdose symptoms may include dizziness, chills, drowsiness, pale or flushed skin, fast or weak pulse and low blood pressure.

Iron supplements need to have “strong warning labels” because of the harmful side effects. There have apparently been deaths from iron supplementation as well.
“FDA currently requires that iron-containing dietary supplements sold in solid form (e.g., tablets or capsules but not powders) carry the following label statement: “WARNING: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.”

The federal government’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans notes that, “Nutrients should come primarily from foods. Foods in nutrient-dense, mostly intact forms contain the essential vitamins and minerals that are often contained in nutrient supplements.”


Ranzi, Karen. Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods. Ramsey, NJ: SHC Publishing, 2010.

By Karen Ranzi, M.A. with Intern Nicole Ramirez

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Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014 Excitement

The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014 took place in Diamond Point, New York at the gorgeous Camp Walden on Lake Trout. It’s hard to believe that 800 different activities and speaker events were offered during a two week event. Approximately 450 attendees were present for Week 1 and 300 attendees for Week 2.

The pioneers of the Woodstock Fruit Festival are those leaders and speakers in the raw food movement who support a low fat raw vegan lifestyle. Below are some of the photos of the pioneers. I feel honored to be sitting amongst a group of such knowledgeable individuals. The highlights for me this year were to make a close connection with Janette and Alan Murray who ran raw around Australia after Janette healed from breast cancer through a raw food lifestyle based on raw fruits and vegetables. The second picture below shows my introduction during the Pioneers Ceremony on the first evening of the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

WFF 2014 All Pioneers


WFF 2014 Pioneers with Karen standing

WFF Wedding Anna and Raini

Below, we had our first wedding down by Lake Trout. Anna of Brazil, and Raini of the U.S., became husband and wife at the festival on Saturday, August 23rd. Pioneer Anne Osborne led the wedding ceremony. Pineapples, coconuts and flowers lined the path for Anna to walk and meet Raini. I love the wedding words “I promise to be true to you in good times and bad, in health and in health.” To the left are pictures from the wedding. There is a small picture of me at the top. What a thrill to be present at this wonderful joining of two beautiful people.


WFF 2014 Marco, Harvey, Ludo, Gabriela











Above, my family attends the Woodstock Fruit Festival (My son, Marco, husband, Harvey, nephew, Ludovic, and daughter, Gabriela).

Below, mealtime at The Woodstock Fruit Festival:

WFF 2014 Marco and food

WFF 2014 Karen with Amy & Pepper



















Here I am with Amy Hager and her beautiful daughter Pepper. I loved meeting a mother who believes in healthy food for raising her children and attachment parenting.

WFF 2014 Karen and Anna Krussinsky







Anna Krassusky of Brazil was one of the wonderful international attendees I got to spend time with at the festival.


WFF 2014 Karen with Anna, Vicky, +







I’m thrilled to be part of this beautiful group of women!


On Presenter’s Night, the pioneer speakers presented their books and t-shirts to offer to the attendees. Below I am with Diana Cardona at Presenter’s Night:

WFF 2014 Book signing










The most amazing part of the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2014 was the chance to meet so many like-minded, health-conscious spirits from all over the world. Here I am with Evan Rock and friends:

WFF 2014 Karen, Evan & Friends

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Eliminating the Cause of Illness for Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

There are so many situations in which disease could be avoided if people understood the true nature of the workings of the human body. Parents who bring their children to fast food restaurants are viewed with acceptance today, whereas parents who provide healthful natural foods are often frowned upon.

In The Cure Is in The Cause by Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, she states, “Interfering with Nature isn’t good, but when we go against her, that’s where our problems are difficult to turn around. The damage is done in so many ways we aren’t even aware of any more. Today microbes and viruses can affect us differently from the way they used to because of our general weakening. Our bodies are overloaded with debris. The increased amounts of free radicals (cancer-causing agents) and growth hormones in the dairy foods to which we’re exposed cause uncontrolled cellular growth and suppressed immunity.”

The Cure is in The Cause










“We have become weaker than our ancestors. We have to pay the price now for becoming too dependent on antibiotics to knock out drug-resistant bugs our immune systems can’t handle. Antibiotics have also invaded our food supply. Animals are routinely given massive doses of drugs to get rid of infections due to poor immune systems.”

“This is all related to a confused mind/body to the point that we do not function with chemical correctness to certain impulses that are sent from the brain into the organs and glands. This is why it is so difficult to help people with multiple illnesses without looking to the real cause – the originator of the problem.”

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. Cornell University scientis and researcher, and Thomas M. Campbell II, is the most comprehensive longterm nutritional study ever done. T. Colin Campbell states:


The China Study









“The inescapable fact is that certain people are making an awful lot of money today selling foods that are unhealthy. They want you to keep eating the foods they sell, even though doing so makes you fat, depletes your vitality and shortens and degrades your life. They do not want you informed, active and passionately alive, and they are quite willing to spend billions of dollars annually to accomplish their goals.”

“The genes you inherit from your parents are not the most important factors in determining whether you fall prey to any of the ten leading causes of death. Breast cancer is related to levels of female hormones in the blood, which are determined by the food we eat. Consuming dairy foods can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Type 1 diabetes, one of the most devastating diseases that can befall a child, is convincingly linked to infant feeding practices. The war on cancer and heart disease, which has continued for decades, is no more advanced today than it was at the beginning.”

From the article “Diet and Violence” by Edwin S. Douglas, he states: “What man does to animals, he does unto himself.” Douglas relates the killing and consumption of animals to human aggression and violence. He also details the mood changes that can result from refined sugars, fast foods, processed foods, wheat and other glutinous grains:

“No matter how much cooked, processed foods we eat, we still feel severely depleted and dissatisfied. Since our emotional and physical states are closely linked, this physical dissatisfaction communicates itself emotionally through frustration, anger and irritability. A toxic person generally has an acid pH level which results from the ingestion of animal proteins, refined sugars and cooked fats.”

“Recent experiments with living food dietary intervention in relation to physical and psychological illness have been conducted on a small scale and produced amazing results. When the amount of cooked, processed food is decreased and amount of fresh, raw food is increased, many chronic or non-responsive mental and physical symptoms can often be significantly reduced or even reversed.”

I hosted Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, for an event of the New Jersey Raw Food Support Network,

Dr. Tuttle and his book The World Peace Diet expose the truth about the sufferings of animals today in slaughterhouses, factory farming, as well as grass-fed animal exploitation and cruelty. Here is my recent video of the summary of Dr. Tuttle’s presentation on “The World Peace Diet: Being Healthy and Saving the Planet.”


The World Peace Diet









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Raw Food Support for Teenagers and Young Adults

I have lived the raw food lifestyle for two decades. I raised my two children, Gabriela and Marco, through the raw vegan lifestyle and was able to heal Marco from asthma, chronic ear infections, and multiple food allergies when he was 3 and Gabriela was 5. They are both young adults now, 26 and 24.

I have watched both Gabriela and Marco grow up healthy with raw food, and then decide to experiment with processed and refined foods and animal products as vegetarians during the teen years to fit in with their peers.

Then I later witnessed Gabriela return to vegan and raw vegan as a junior in college as she became fed up with being sick and watching her friends living unhealthy lives. She began to view the vegan diet as the primary path to healing our world and she saw the raw vegan lifestyle as a door to healing the human body. This vision motivated her to major in Global Environmental Studies while in college. This close look at what was happening to our environment gave her an even larger view of the real situation occurring in the world today.

Gabriela Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 12.49.04 PM









At age 21, Gabriela listened to her inner wisdom rather than simply following the crowd. She compared how she felt on raw vegan foods when growing up at home to the standard dietary indoctrination surrounding her away at college. Questioning what she observed of everyday standard lifestyles, she came to a conscious realization – resolving to return to raw vegan foods. She also learned the truth about the torture of animals in factory farms and profoundly understood being vegan is fundamental toward reducing global warming and healing our planet. Her return to always feeling wonderful on raw foods has given her a deep insight – fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds are the optimal “species specific” foods for humans.

During her later college years, Gabriela interned at Auroville Ecovillage in India and was able to remain eating raw vegan foods for the entire semester even though green leafy vegetables were not plentiful when traveling there. Coincidentally, an Indian woman named Anandi lived at Auroville and had studied at Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona. How wonderful for Gabriela to spend the semester with Anandi, preparing raw food meals together, sprouting, growing greens, and talking about the benefits of the raw food lifestyle.

Another semester, Gabriela interned at Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango, Colorado. I had met the Founder of Turtle Lake Refuge, Katrina Blair, at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival, and asked her if she took interns to work with her. Katrina and Turtle Lake Refuge have been another model of natural living through wild foraging, raw food, and environmental education. Gabriela has remained there as an employee. The mission of Turtle Lake Refuge is to celebrate the connection between personal health and wild lands.

Internships such as these provide support for young adults wanting to return to their natural roots. Raw food lifestyle festivals and expos, such as The Raw Living Expo and The Woodstock Fruit Festival, provide much needed support for these young people desiring to learn about the healing power of raw foods, raising healthy children, creating delicious simple raw food recipes, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle as they move away from societal pressures to live with conventional processed and refined foods, animal products and medications.

In my workshops at these events, many of the attendees are single young adult women who are fascinated with the topic of raising healthy children through attachment parenting and raw foods. So many of these young women are grateful for the valuable information focused on following the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children from the time of conception throughout the growing years.

Marco, now, 24, who also experimented with vegetarian junk food in college, returned to a high raw vegan lifestyle upon graduation as he also wasn’t feeling his best. Through the return to natural food, he is also spending more time in Nature, sprouting beautiful sunflower greens, enjoying the abundance of fruit and vegetables he’s always loved, and spending much more time outdoors replenishing vitamin D from the sunshine.

Marco & Karen at Camp K








Gabriela, who is 26 now, has gained much confidence in maintaining this healthy lifestyle over the past years, through being raised raw vegan and then later, given support through volunteer work, internships and raw food events.

In this sometimes very confused world we live in, we must teach our young adults, the future parents, how to nourish the next generation with the superior raw living foods.

Karen Ranzi, M.A.
Author: Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Food

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Essential Fatty Acids from Raw Plant Foods

Numerous raw plant foods contain essential fatty acids. This includes dark leafy greens, avocados, soaked nuts and seeds, and nut and seed butters.








There is some fatty acids in first cold pressed oils, but these are fragmented and refined, removed from their whole food source, and high in omega-6 fats. Dr. Joel Fuhrman writes in his book Eat to Live: “Our modern diet, full of vegetable oils and animal products, is very high in omega-6 fat and very low in omega-3 fat; the higher the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, the higher the risk of heart disease, diabetes and inflammatory illnesses.” A diet high in omega-6 fat intake contributes to a DHA (docosahexaenois acid) fat deficiency, a fat necessary to ensure optimum health.










Sufficient amounts of leafy green vegetables (especially spinach), which are quite high in omega 3 fatty acids, and some nuts and seeds, such as walnuts and chia seeds, will provide these beneficial fats. The darker leafy green vegetables such as Romaine lettuce, leaf lettuces, kale and spinach have an abundance of omega-3. There are also omega-3 essential fatty acids in pine nuts, cabbages, squash, and all sprouts. Purslane, a wild green plant, is particularly high in EFAs and natural vegetable DHAs.








Herbalist Brigitte Mars explains in Rawsome: “All cells, including those involved in the production of hormones, need essential fatty acids. These nutrients improve skin and hair, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of blood clots. EFAs are found in particularly high concentrations in the brain.”

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